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Presentations & Publications

20. Journal of Adult Development, "Between Integrity and Despair: Toward Construct Validation of Erikson's Eighth Stage" Simon Hearn • Gary Saulnier • Janet Strayer • Margarete Glenham • Ray Koopman • James E. Marcia. (link to publication)

19. The same study was also presented at the 1986 Convention of the American Association of Cardiovascular Perfusionists and is in their Proceedings, v.7, 21-25 (1986).

18. S. Hearn and G. Walsh, "The heart-lung machine used in open-heart surgery and related neuropsychological deficits," poster presentation, Canadian Psychological Association Convention, 1986.

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16. S. Hearn, "Important Book: Sexual Intimacy Between Therapists and Patients, by Pope and Bouhoutsos," book review and ethics discussion, British Columbia Psychological Association Newsletter, May 1988.

15. "Organizing effective discussions," Simon Fraser University Teaching Update, Fall 1988.

14. Poster: "The Integrative Personality Program." Abbass, A., Hearn, S., Paul, H. and Prisman, D. Presented at the Fifth International Congress on the Disorders of Personality (ICDP), Vancouver, June 24-27, 1997.

13. Overview of the Integrative Personality Program: Presentation to the Assertive Community Team, Vancouver, July 1997.

12. Presentation, "Clinical recognition of personality disorders and some fundamentals of treatment." Vernon, B.C. October, 1997. Two-hour presentation to community care workers, October 6; two hour presentation to professional therapists, October 7.

11. Grand Rounds, Vancouver Hospital,: "A week in the Integrative Personality Program." Written and Presented by Abbass, Hearn, Paul and Prisman, April 4, 1998.

10. Presentation, "Introduction to personality disorders and some fundamentals of treatment." Family Practice Residents, Oak Pavilion, Children's Hospital: June 4, 1998.

9. Presentation to Home Service Providers, Commercial Drive Team, on "Nature and Management of Personality Disorders," Feb. 17, 1999; this talk also delivered to the South and East Teams, Feb. and March 1999.

8. "Being comfortable in relationships with people who have psychiatric disorders." Canadian Mental Health Association, one-hour talk to volunteers, Feb. 24, 1999.

7. "Emotional Intelligence." Two-hour presentation to the Avalon Womens' AA Club, Kerrisdale, Vancouver, December 2000.

6. Workplace Wellness. Co-presented afternoon two workshops on assertiveness and group negotiations for the Delta Police Force, Feb. and May 2001, with Dr. Anthony Ocana.

5. "Psychological Assessment, Personality Disorders, and Vocational Rehabilitation." One hour talk, Open House, May 5, 2001, Gastown Vocational Services.

4. CTV Breakfast Show, July 11, 2001: "Dealing with anger." I appeared once or twice monthly on this program making presentations on a variety of topics, from May 3, 2000, to July 2001: "IQ tests and their uses," May 10, 2000: "Emotional intelligence," May 24, 2000: "Internet addiction," June 21, 2000: "Ways to improve self esteem," July 5, 2000, "Narcissism." Etc.

3. CTV Breakfast Show, Aug. 15, 2001: "Fear of Abandonment."

2. Jewish Family Services Agency, Jan. 31, 2003: "Personality Disorder Styles." Two-hour talk to counsellors, as part of the JFSA Lecture Series, "Bagels and Babbles." Forty-five of 50 attendees requested copies of the talk.

1. BC Teachers' Union Rehabilitation Consultants, "Personality Disorder Styles," two-hour talk, April 23, 2003.